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Soft Line
Absolute adherence, sensitivity and grip. Ultra soft and sensitive, Furia S gives the feeling of standing barefoot on the rock and the ability to hook the sockets. Asymmetric and arched, with arched tip, it offers very high tip sensitivity.

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  • UPPER Combines 7 pieces of microfibre with seams that do not create overlaps. The Wave strap closure system evenly distributes the pressure on the upper allowing for volume adjustments. The elastic bellows facilitates the fit.
  • INTERSULA The minimal 1mm Flexan insert ensures maximum tip sensitivity.
  • TENSION The IPR-tension System ensures maximum flexibility, maintaining tension from the fingers to the heel. The SRT system guarantees perfect hooks on the toe thanks to the M50 rubber.
  • SOLE Length 1/3 in Vibram® XS Grip 2 3,5mm with shaped heel XS Grip 2 of 2mm thickness.



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