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Caracteristici cheie

  • Dedicati turismului rapid fără încărcătură;
  • Model cu greutate redusă;
  • Fabricată din material GRILAMID FG LFT® armat cu fibră de sticlă;
  • Construcție bazată pe un interior  moale, care facilitează închiderea încălțămintei și asigură confortul;
  • Sistem de închidere Wave Lite pentru o potrivire eficientă la orice tip de picior;
  • Posibilitatea de a utiliza trei poziții diferite datorită sistemului Speed Lock LT;
  • Prezența reflectorului Recco, sporind siguranța atunci când vă deplasați în condiții montane de iarnă.
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OVERLAP SHIELD TECHThe Overlap Shield Tech gaiter is made from Lycra and has soft over-injected plastic reinforcements. The flap below the Wave Lite Closure system lever allows ease of fitting and offers uniform fastening on the entire instep without pressure points. The differentiated thicknesses of the over-injected reinforcements ensure protection while keeping the weight down. The gaiter provides greater thermal insulation and is easily adjustable thanks to the bands and velcro straps.


GRILAMID FG LFT® SHELLMade from Long Fiber Technology, reinforced with long carbon fibers that greatly enhance resistance and rigidity.
3D LAMBDA FRAMEDeveloped to increase stiffness and torsion resistance the 3D Lambda frame allows reducing the thickness of the shell for a minimum weight.


SPEED LOCK LTSpecifically designed for the cuff of this model, with the possibility to adjust 3 different forward lean position. The lever locks efficiently and quickly in the hook installed on the shell. The simple and clean design of the hook reduce the heap of snow or ice during the activity.
FRICTION FREE TECHNOLOGYThere isn’t any connecting rod between the shell and cuff, this allows a “friction free” movement during the walking phase.


WAVE LITE CLOSURE SYSTEMThe Wave Lite Closure system ensures effective and customised fastening of the shell without pressure points. The sheathed steel cable is secured to the shell at three points and thanks to the micrometric lever adjustment and integrated 4-tooth rack, the fastening can be adjusted to fit any type of foot.
POWER STRAPThe Velcro® strap closure provides the best wrapping on the tibial area, without adding a lot of weight.


GRID FRAME TECHThe particular grid design of the cuff stiffens the rear part by increasing the transmission of force in the movement of forward flexion of the leg. Soft panels riveted helps the fitting and improve the wrapping on the tibia.


TOUR LT2The Tour LT2 liner fits snugly and adapts to any type of foot thanks to the totally thermoformable Foam Intuition technology. The closed-cell structure of this foam ensures outstanding quality in terms of thermal insulation, lightness and performance, while fitting comfortably without pressure points over time. The flex panels on the back and tongue ensure greater flexibility when walking. The velcro strap on the tongue enables the wearer to position the gaiter correctly. The two loops at the top make it easier to put on. The ORTHOLITE footbed is made from recycled material.


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