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Harpy Line
Versatility on all types of supports. The Arpia was designed for climbers who want to take the first step towards performance models. Combines performance with a high level of comfort, a perfect multi-purpose model that satisfies in every situation, from indoor climbing to multi-lane routes. throws. The slightly arched and moderately asymmetric shape offers a comfortable fit from the first moment.

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  • UPPER Built by combining 3 microfibre parts and a suede part on which the foot rests. Internally lined for an extremely comfortable feeling for a long life.
  • LASTING The insert dynamically Flexan from 1,4mm follows the entire sole of the foot and also extends posteriorly along the heel profile.
  • TENSION The V-Tension System preserves the shape over time. It keeps the forefoot in perfect position and supports the toe area maintaining the right flexibility to spread.
  • SOLE 2/3 long in Vibram® XS Edge mix.



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