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Ski aplinism youth competitions
Carbon Grilamid
ALIEN is the boot for all the young ski mountaineers who approach the world of racing and are looking for a light and reliable boot. Also ideal for all competitive ski mountaineers attentive to performance and price compromise. Alien represents though. the perfect model as a „crossover” between the race world and touring ski mountaineering that prefers a technically advanced and very light product.
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  • BOA® FIT SYSTEM Offers a personalized closure and fit, for maximum comfort without pressure points. Each click equals 1mm of voltage regulation. Once adjusted and locked in position, the BOA® Fit System does not diminish its locking effect even after many hours of use.
  • GRILAMID LFT® SHELL The Carbon Grilamid LFT® is a polyamide filled with long carbon fibers that improve the properties of resistance to elongation and the rigidity of Grilamid®, without increasing its weight. This makes it possible to reduce the thickness of the walls of the hull, thus obtaining a light product with limited volumes, but at the same time very performing. Also the resistance to impacts and to stresses improve, allowing to keep intact the performance of the boots over time.
  • SPEED LOCK SYSTEM LITE Lacing system, consisting of the A-LIGHT lever in light and resistant alloy, with a Dyneema® cord, two loops and two metal hooks. The system allows, with just one movement, to free or lock the cuff from the hull, allowing the cuff to be opened or closed frontally. The new coupling point of the lever on the hull, prevents the accumulation of snow and ice.
  • ALIEN CUFF Gambit in Grilamid FG LFT®. This material is reinforced with long fiberglass. This material has higher strength and stiffness values ​​with the same percentage compared to a short fiber, suitable for light applications. The long fiber structure offers superior rigidity from 20% to 30%. All polyamides reinforced with long fibers have higher impact resistance values ​​than normal materials. Overlap construction that guarantees a perfect wrapping of the foot that maximizes the transmission of impulses to the skis. In combination with the Speed ​​Lock System Lite closure system it guarantees precision and maximum customization.


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